The "Bigger Picture" in Which Every Guest Is a Part of

Engage Guests in Your Virtual Event 

Deliver Meaning and Impact

Create a “Bigger Picture” for Your Brand 

Make Your Digital Experience Interactive

Invite Guests to Participate Remotely

Collect Leads and Feedback

Have Your Guests Share on Social Media

Celebrate togetherness with "social distance"




Social Media Public Profile 

By using an event hashtag we can acquire images posted to Twitter or Instagram that have been tagged with your event hashtag from a public profile.

Social Media Pages/Groups 

Invite guests to contribute photos to a private social page or group.


We can provide a dedicated email address that can be used to share photos taken at the event.


Our most popular choice is dropbox. We can provide a secure link that will enable users to share photos taken instantly. The photos are sent directly to our mosaic software and the mosaic can be created.

Text in Service

 Our text in service allows guests to take their own photos and WhatsApp them to us. We will provide a dedicated number that can be supplied to each participant.



As well as creating a digital virtual mosaic that is viewable online, we will also be able to provide you with a printed option. After your event has been completed we will send the hi-res artwork to our local printers to create the actual mosaic alternatively we will supply the hi-res image for you to send to your own local printer.



From the initial inquiry, an activation manager will liaise with you to create your bespoke workflow providing the best solution to create your unique digital virtual mosaic wall ensuring that the final mosaic looks as expected as well as ensuring that there are no issues on the way.

Below are just a handful of the types of events that the digital virtual mosaic wall can be used for.



The digital virtual mosaic wall brings your users together to create a mosaic of your special occasion including Baby Showers, Engagements, Special Birthday Parties etc. Due to the current climate many events are being held virtually on ZOOM, a video meeting solution. Premier UK Events have a vast amount of experience in this platform and we can help create the perfect solution for your ZOOM Party.



Virtual conferences are now being used as a solution to bring delegates together. Our digital virtual mosaic is an excellent solution to encourage user participation and engagement using photo technology. We have been approached by a number of companies to use our technology and provide an engaging experience.



Do you have a campaign, event or interaction through which you wish to generate brand awareness and build lasting connections with mixed reality for real and digital audiences? The digital virtual mosaic is the perfect solution partnered with one of engagement to create an unforgettable digital experience.



Our photo technology allows the capture of user engagement which is perfect for team building. We have successfully adapted our software to capture user participation and collaboration. Objectives can be set throughout the team building day to capture specific images that can be shared to create the final digital virtual mosaic to share online.



Create a social media buzz around your new product launch. Guests are encouraged to share photos of themselves to be shared on a collaborative digital virtual mosaic.



Have you already hosted an event but not hired the mosaic wall? With our post-event service, you can send us your event images and we can create either a digital or printed photo mosaic for you.


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